About the Course
You Will Learn
  • How to master the client process and understand the unique psychology behind every step 
  • The proper art to communicating financial concepts 
  • How to master "finding the money" for your clients 
  • How to increase your closing ratio to nearly 100% 
  • How to communicate with your clients at the highest level 
  • How to use the Spending Game effectively 
  • Case development with the Spending Game 
  •  A complete agency marketing plan 
  • And more!
What's Included
  • Mentor webinars with Don & your group; meet every other week for 90-minute sessions
  • Two, two-day (in-person) sessions with Don & your group (planned for second-half of year)
  • Implementation webinars with our Executive Coaching team 
  • Spending Game Lab with Jeremy Shipp
  • Recordings archive of all sessions
  • Access to submit cases for review and suggestions by our team
  • Competency exams to test your knowledge
  • Homework and exercises to refine your knowledge level  
  • Study group to keep you on track in-between sessions
  • Master Exam to determine your strengths and weaknesses relating to the process and system

To join:

  • You have a current Circle of Wealth® subscription 
  • You understand how the system operates and are practicing the 10-Step Process with your clients 
  • You have completed the Production Accelerator Course 

To graduate:

  • Attend all sessions 
  • Pass the competency exams & master exam  
  • Attend the group coaching webinars
  • Pay for program in full 
Your Mentor & Coaching Session
Online with Don

Due to Covid considerations, first-half of the year you will meet with Don and the members of your group online:

  • 90-minute webinars
  • Every other week
  • Recording archive
Face-to-face with Don

If Covid considerations are removed, second-half of the year you will meet with Don and the members of your group:

  • Once per quarter (dates TBD)
  • Two-days in Atlanta at the Eagle's Landing Country Club (9 a.m. to Dinner; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Coaching Webinars

In addition to sessions with Don:

  • Implementation sessions led by Executive Coaching team
  • Two Spending Game basics sessions
  • Recording archive
Meet Your Coaches
Don Blanton
Founder & creator of the Circle of Wealth®
& President of MoneyTrax, Inc.

Don Blanton is the owner and president of MoneyTrax, Inc, a company dedicated to the development of innovative communication tools for professionals in the financial services industry.  (Learn more about Don)

Crystal Langdon
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Crystal on LinkedIn

Crystal is a Certified Financial Planner TM, Investment Advisor, Qualified Kingdom Advisor, and the founder of Crystal Clear Finances, Inc. (Learn more about Crystal)

Jeremy Shipp
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

Jeremy Shipp uses first-hand experiences combined with the ability to equate various financial aspects in providing well-rounded retirement advice.  (Learn more about Jeremy)

Fredrick Hicks
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Fred on LinkedIn

Fred joined the Circle of Wealth® community at COW College in January of 2019.  He dove head first into learning the system and mastering process.  (Learn more about Fred)

Starr Barnum
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Starr on LinkedIn

Starr Barnum has been in the financial services business for 15+ years, working primarily with families and business owners.  He uses a unique approach in that he helps people find money that they’re currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily.  (Learn more about Starr)

Matt Rzepka
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Matt on LinkedIn

Matthew L. Rzepka, CPA, CFP® is the owner of Valley Oak, a conglomerate of professional services firms based in southwest Michigan, focusing on tax planning, wealth building, and business advising.  (Learn more about Matt)

Beatrice Schultz

Beatrice Schultz, CFP®, BSc, MSM, is the co-founder of Westface College Planning, Westface Financial & Insurance Services and Westface Financial Advisory, a registered investment advisory firm.  (Learn more about Beatrice)

Beth Walker
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Beth on LinkedIn

Beth is a mom on a mission. She collaborates with families to create better futures—for their college-bound kids and the parents they leave behind. Working with families all over the county (Learn more about Beth)

The Guarantee

To completely remove any risk from you making the decision to invest in this program, we've included a guarantee. If you do not reach the minimal production level of $250,000* in life premium within the 12-month program, you can attend a future Mentor Group having the normal registration fee waived (only paying for basic food and hard expenses; currently $500 per live session) until you reach the $250,000* level. To qualify for this guarantee policy, you must have completed all the requirements to graduate listed above. 

* Guarantee $65,000 in life premiums for P&C Captive Agents


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