Advisor Bootcamp with Don Blanton
The Circle of Wealth®’s core focus is on the effects of “transferred money” throughout one’s life and the “opportunity costs” associated with those lost dollars.  This training will inspire you to truly generate wealth for your clients and ultimately yourself.
About the Training
Learn how to confidently demonstrate financial concepts so your clients “get it” and want to move forward with your recommendations.  Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn directly from Don Blanton, the creator of the Circle of Wealth® system.
What you will learn...
How to better communicate with your clients so they can understand your solutions and better trust your advice.
What to SAY, what to SHOW and in what ORDER to engage your clients and make them want to do business with you.
How to “FIND MONEY” for your clients that they can then use to purchase your products.
How to easily communicate and simplify complex concepts and solutions so your clients get it.
How to show your clients the effects of transferred money and how to recapture that money for them.
How different investment vehicle types work and the
effects of taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free investments.
A 10-minute presentation that will make your clients want to buy all the permanent life insurance they can afford.
How to sell more of every financial product, not just life insurance.
Your Coach (Instructor)
 Don Blanton 
Don Blanton is the owner and president of MoneyTrax, Inc, a company dedicated to the development of innovative communication tools for professionals in the financial services industry.  
Upcoming Bootcamps
April 6-7, 2023 in Tulsa, OK
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Testimonial from past course attendee

“You know, I've been in business 32 years, and I didn't discover Circle of Wealth® until 18 years in the business, and it introduced ideas and concepts that I had never been exposed to anywhere else. And it has taken my practice to another level. I'd probably say my practice has grown tenfold since I started using Circle of Wealth® concepts. So it's a total game changer for me.”


Alexander S. - Financial Advisor

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